SSS Online Salary Loan Application

06 Feb

what an upgrade!
sure this could ease our selves and our precious time in applying for our SSS salary loan.

The lining up, the mis-filing on loan form, the non-remitance of our company for our existing loans, all of these that we encounter all have gone because of this online loan application by SSS have. But take note, not all of us are aware of this and not all of us are computer letirate already and also not all of us have access to world wide web.

sss online
click image to register your account

To fully used this upgrade you must first register your SSS account by following steps given in this site

and you are now ready to view your remaining loan balance, loan status check etc. but most of all you can now apply online, good thing also SSS now upgrading the loanable amount to 30000 pesoses, and is now renewable if after half paid already unlike before we have to fully pay it before we could renew our salary loans.

But in every good things there’s alway a bad thing comes with it, bad thing is we have to wait 2 to 3 weeks before our cheques will finally at hand. This is because SSS still uses the snail mail process, a mailing service that could took a lot of time on delivery, starts from the SSS main office going to other part of the philippines.

Just like me, i am now waiting for my SSS salary loan cheque for 14 days now and counting,
i just hope the next time i am renewing my salary loan it will be smooth sailing ’til
i’ll get my checque, just like what they said in 2012 that they are now on MOA with citibank for easy salary loan cheque releasing.

But until that’s happening we’ll just hope for the best.

’til here and ’til my next post


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